Dating in America versus Other Countries

There are several differences between the features of the dating culture within the United States as opposed to other countries; for this article’s sake, America compared to the United Kingdom.

dating in USA and UK

In America, the act of going out on a physical date with someone is a justified thing that is made out to be a big deal. In other countries, on the other hand, individuals meet either in social groups or through mutual friends. You still get to know someone through hanging out with them, but it’s seen as more of a casual thing in other countries.

2. Asking for a date

In America, if you’re out in public and see someone you think is attractive and that you’d like to hangout with, then you simply approach them and ask for their number or out on a date. But in other countries, like Europe, you only ask someone out on a date if you already know them really well.

3. Exclusivity

In other countries, if you’re seen out holding hands with someone or kissing them in public, you’re already assumed to be dating and in an exclusive relationship with that person. Additionally, couples in other countries keep their relationship private and show no public affection. In America, on the other hand, couples will be more open to show affection towards each other in public.

4. “I love you”

American couples seem to make a big deal out of saying, “I love you” for the first time or in front of their friends. They label it as a big milestone in their relationship. But in other countries, saying those words for the first time isn’t seen as such a big deal, and it’s usually pronounced after around a month of being together. Additionally, couples in other countries keep these words private, and you’ll never hear your friend couples tell each other that they love each other.

5. Parental Approval

In American relationships, having your parents and other family members approve of your partner is a big deal. American individuals that are in relationships care about what their parents think of their relationship greatly. Dissimilarly, couples in other countries don’t really care about what their parents or other family members think about their partner.

6. Sleeping with someone on the first date

American couples tend to make a big deal out of sleeping with someone on the first date. They tend to think that having sex with someone on the first date could potentially ruin the relationship’s potential of being long-term. Consequently, in other countries sex on the first date is not so big. Couples in other countries tend to just go with the flow of both of their emotions.

7. Dates to special events

You’re expected to bring a date to a wedding or social event in America. Most single people worry about not finding a date in time to go to a social event with them. On the other hand, in other countries, single individuals actually come to social events and weddings alone in order to find a date at the event.