Modern Technolgoy’s Impact

online dating

Online dating sites have done more than just change how we find our perfect partner in life. They have changed the fundamental nature of our society’s social network. There is a wide variety of online dating sites and applications in order to suit everyone different tastes, lifestyle, sexuality, and budget. The digital revolution has been shaped by the human’s appetite for both sex and a partner for companionship. The digital platform has allowed us to change the way we form relationships. European individuals typically want to meet sooner and not spend so much time in the testing and calling phase of the relationship. This is because they don’t want to waste each other’s time with potentially mis-leading communication.

Modern Dating Concepts in America

In the wide world of dating and relationships, there are several unwritten rules and concepts to understand about how people should act and portray themselves in modern relationships.

Social media is more than just social media

Simply “liking” someone else’s pictures of sending them pictures on Snapchat is more than just what it actually is. There’s usually some interest in trying to get the other person’s attention in doing so.

Sending the first text

In modern society, if the woman sends the first text or sends two text messages in a row, she’s seen as either aggressive or desperate. Consequently, women must appear as interested in the relationship, but not too interested.

Defining the relationship

You’re not supposed to try and define the relationship and try to make something official because it makes the other person want to leave. If the other person doesn’t feel the same way this is worsened because relationships with definitions hold people accountable for their actions.

Don’t question if there’s an intent to cheat

Simply “liking” someone else’s pictures or sending selfies back and forth on Snapchat is doing more than just what it’s made out to be. It’s not technically cheating, but it’s not innocent either. You’re basically trying to keep your options open while at the same time be in a relationship, which is deemed as “bad.”