Popular Dating Activities

No matter where you’re located in the world, couples are constantly doing things together, or attempting to find something to do together. In big cities, there are a great deal of people you are both surrounded by and there are a great number of things to do. Here are the most popular activities for couples to do while hirinf a companion or while in New York City, Boston, or San Francisco.

New York City

Park and garden explorations: Brooklyn Botanic Garden in prospect Park
Out to eat at a restaurant: The Water Table – restaurant on a cruise ship
Bars and cocktails: Gallow Green – rooftop bars that have amazing views
Sports and fitness: Rock Climbing at The Cliffs at LIC
Nightlife: Slipper Room – seductive, throwback lounge
Movie theaters: Nighthawk Cinema – restaurant and movie theater mixed


Tour the city in a boat: Gondola di Venezia – tour the Charles River
Romantic walk: Bites of Boston Food Tours – casual walk around neighborhoods rich in history and culture
Tour the Commons – tree-shaded paths, a pond, and a scenic bridge
Romantic hot tub: Hot Tub at Inman Oasis – private and romantic
Aquarium: New England Aquarium – both fun and romantic

San Francisco

datinf in bostonWine and Cocktails: SoMa’s Jamber Wine Pub – relaxation after dinner
Fine dining: Cliff House or Mason Pacific – expensive dinner dates
Casual eating: Zazie or Ice Cream Bar – outdoor daytime eating
Active exploration: explore the park, tandem bicycle ride, or pedal across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito
Spa treatments: Onsen – Japanese bathhouse experience

There are a great amount of things to do and experience as a couple in the cities. Because of this, it is easy to evaluate couples in big American cities and how they act around each other. From this evaluation as well as previous experience in relationships, we can compare the nature of American relationships to the nature of couples in other countries. And after reading this review of how American couples act in its big cities, you will be informed of the differences as well.